Jeep Renegade 4xe Introducing our ultimate adventurer: the new Jeep Renegade 4xe. Equipped with plug-in hybrid technology giving excellent 4x4 performance, great urban efficiency and low consumption. PLUG-IN HYBRID IS COMING
    A Flexible Driving Experience Discover the new Hybrid Selector with 3 driving modes, to adapt to any condition. Hybrid, for state-of-the-art performances. Electric, to drive with reduced emissions. And eSave, to preserve the level of your battery and even recharge it.

    The Selec-Terrain also include a new Sport mode to increase throttle performance and improve steering response.
    Easy Charge The new Jeep® Renegade 4xe can be easily recharged at home thanks to the Wallbox and other accessories available from Mopar.

    The battery can also be charged at any public charging station.
    Tech to Keep you in Check Thanks to the Jeep® Renegade 4xe Electric mode, you can live a whole new driving experience. Reduced Co2 and up to 30 miles pure electric range.
    Exterior Jeep® 4xe is more Jeep® than ever: full electric drive plus combined hybrid capability.
    More Technology Than Ever The new Jeep® 4xe features a plug-in hybrid system comprised of a petrol engine which will drive the front wheels and electric motor which will drive the rear wheels. The electric motor will be powered by a 11.4 kW battery which will be charged during driving by regenerative braking or it can be charged externally via an electrical outlet. Once charged, the battery will allow the car to function as a full-electric vehicle for up to 30 miles*.
    Fast and Easy Recharge at Home Charge your plug-in hybrid at home with the Easy WallboxTM and other Mopar® accessories
    New Drive Mode Hybrid, Electric and e-Save modes available. The Selec-Terrain® includes a Sport mode to increase throttle performance and improve steering response.
      Manage on the go With the new Jeep® 4xe, the 7" TFT cluster is the fastest way to get real-time vital driving information for your SUV. You will have instant access to the electric power charge condition, the state of charge of the plug-in hybrid SUV, driving mode and a lot more.
      Real Time Management All information of the Jeep® 4xe will be available through the 8.4” radio display: charge status, selected driving mode, energy flow, regeneration history and more. Charging schedules can be set to maximise energy efficiency.
      Always in Control Jeep® 4xe directly on your smartphone. Overview the battery status and even schedule a charge with the My Uconnect™ App*. Also, when connected to a charging cable, the charge status will be easy monitored.