Naturally, as an Alfa Romeo buyer you’ll select the best possible insurance cover, but what does that cover actually include? However comprehensive, it cannot be all encompassing. Unemployment, illness or accidents can stop any of us in our tracks, and your car could be stolen or written off. Should the worst occur, you don’t want to be concerned about repayments or being out of pocket. Like every Alfa Romeo driver you want to enjoy your car to the full, and we can help. By giving you the clear information you need to make a well judged decision about protection, we can cover you against the ‘what ifs’.


  • Combined Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) and Return to Invoice (RTI) starts to protect you where your conventional motor insurance stops. In the event of your Alfa Romeo being stolen and unrecoverable, or written off, this plan covers any shortfall between the agreed full insured value that your motor insurer pays out and the invoice value of your vehicle or outstanding balance of your finance agreement - whichever the higher. So this plan protects you financially and doesn't leave you out of pocket.
  • Combined GAP and RTI covers either the difference between the amount your comprehensive motor insurance company will pay and the vehicle purchase price or the amount you actually owe under your finance agreement, whichever is the greater amount.
  • Your comprehensive motor insurance company will offer you the market value at the time of your claim and this might be less than the amount you paid for your vehicle, especially if you have had your car for a while.
  • Combined GAP and RTI could pay out up to a maximum of the purchase price of the vehicle (cover available is dependant of the purchase price of your vehicle).
  • For a one-off payment get the very best peace of mind protection for up to a maximum of 48 months.

Download the Combined Gap and RTI Insurance