12 Months Job Loss Protection


FCA Automotive Services will guarantee a borrower that in the event of losing their job, through no fault of their own, or if they are off-work due to certified illness, the borrower’s scheduled car finance repayments will be Waived, i.e. paid by FCA AS on their behalf, until they return to work or up to 7 months of monthly instalments. This is applicable to all PCP, HP and PCH. New Vehicle Promotional products only.


  • Part of the loan and loan agreement – NOT a separate insurance product
  • Provided as part of our promo product range at no additional cost to the customer
  • Remains in place solely for the first year of the finance agreement, or ceases earlier if the borrower closes their finance agreement
  • Governed as part of CCA, and The Financial Conduct Authority’s Conduct of Business rules.


  • Product not available in conjunction with the £500 Voucher Campaign and Leasys Miles
  • A dedicated section will be available in Genus to select this option
  • Please refer to the FCAAS/Leasys circular for full information