Peugeot e-Expert Check out the new PEUGEOT e-Expert van and experience full electric driving without compromise. There’s all the strengths and specification of the Expert range but with reduced energy and maintenance costs.

NEW PEUGEOT e-Expert - dichroic Lion

Its robust front grille features the dichroic lion* found on all PEUGEOT electric models. The electric charging flap is located at the front on the passenger’s side.


At the rear of the vehicle, you will find the dichroic lion* with blue and green tones that sets the electric version apart as well as the specific “e-Expert” monogram.

NEW PEUGEOT e-Expert - useful space and payload

And there’s no sacrifice on interior space as the new PEUGEOT e-Expert comes with 6.6 m3** interior capacity on the long wheelbase version; a payload of up to 1,226 kg; and a height of under 1.90 m. Thenew PEUGEOT e-Expert also has the capability to tow up to 1,00kg.

The Compact model at just 4.60 m long, is leading the charge in a new era of electric vans. It can easily be driven and parked in cities and can access restricted emission zones thanks to the electric motor.

e-Expert interior

The new PEUGEOT e-Expert’s specific instrument panel with its 3.5” colour display matrix shows essential driving information such as the driving range status and power meter (charge/eco/power*) in real time.

New Peugeot e-Expert - specific new instrument panel

On the large colour touchscreen, electric menus can be easily accessed through a shortcut and you can clearly visualise the flow of electricity. The “e-Toggle” button offers immediate access to the electric automatic transmission controls. You can also choose between three driving modes: ECO, NORMAL, and POWER**.

New Peugeot e-Expert - large 3D touch screen

The new PEUGEOT e-Expert comes with an electronic parking brake as standardwhichoperates automatically.