New MG5 EV The MG5 Electric belongs to our second generation of 100% electric vehicles. The model combines a comfortable range with a fast charging capability and desirable price. COMING SOON
    Station wagon design A station wagon brings a life with more possibilities: weekend mega-shopping, IKEA DIY, a dedicated spot for pets, professional sports kits, camping…
    Elegant body line design The waistline's surface undulates softly, however, the horizontal direction creates a feeling of extension and a strong sense of performance.
    Semi-floating D-pillar The semi-floating D-pillar demonstrates the car's stylish simplicity.
    Light Curtain LED lights 80 units of LED lights create the "Light Curtain". This not only makes the illumination safer, but also makes MG5 more iconic in the evening.
    Charging As well as increased battery capacity, the charging capacity is also improved. A 3-phase 11kW on-board charger supports faster AC charging, and up to 87kW charging power enables the battery to be charged up to 80% in around 40 minutes.
    Multiple cameras & radars Multiple sensors and cameras go beyond the visual range to ensure the safety of those inside and outside the vehicle.
      Simple interior with "Eco-Blue" decoration The "Eco-Blue" decoration runs through the entire cabin to create a feeling of new technology and a new era. The simple but delicate interior with the concealed aircon vents creates a pure aesthetic.
      Infotainment The brand new floating 10.25" screen leans to the left and focuses on the driver for more convenient operation.
      Zero-G supreme comfortable seat With an extra 20mm soft foam layer and 100mm full-fit side covers, the moment you sit in the car, you'll start your journey feeling rested. Heated seats will keep you warm in the winter.