NEW CITROËN Ë-BERLINGO With New Citroën ë-Berlingo, all those who enjoy an active life and are concerned about the environment, whatever their age, will find this the ideal, practical and versatile partner with which to enjoy all their leisure activities, with even greater peace of mind. 100% ËLECTRIC

    Citroën Berlingo has adopted the distinctive and enlarged front end that is specific to the brand's new models with its chevrons. Added to this are the Airbumps® and a colourful signature, particularly around the fog lights, which bring a real breath of fresh air to its robust design and slender lines.

    Part of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, Citroën Berlingo offers optimal comfort for all its passengers. The leisure activity vehicle has unparalleled brightness and incredible storage volumes, as well as 775 litres of boot space in M versions and 1,050 litres in XL versions, with 186 litres of storage space designed for everyday life.
    ALL-ËLECTRIC LEISURE ACTIVITY VEHICLE It’s difficult to rival Citroën when it comes to comfort. With its Advanced Comfort technology and Citroën Advanced Comfort® Suspension system, New C4 offers a uniquely comfortable in-car experience. In a world exclusive, New C4 features Citroën Smart Pad Support, enabling passengers to enjoy their tablet content safely.
    DISTINCTIVE DESIGN The “ë” monogram, denoting electric, features on the grille of New Citroën ë-Berlingo. It also appears on the tailgate, before the name of the vehicle. The electric version is distinguished by its “Anodised Blue” Colour Pack on the fog lamp surrounds and Airbumps®.
    THREE DRIVING MODES Everything has been considered to ensure New Citroën ë-Berlingo smooth and easy to operate. Its centre console houses the driving mode selector, choose between:

    Normal, to ensure the best compromise between driving range and dynamic performance

    Eco, to optimise energy consumption

    Power, to prioritise performance with maximum power and torque
    NEW Ë-TOGGLE COMMAND The ë-Toggle on the centre console controls the automatic gearbox, enabling easy selection of reverse, neutral or drive(R, N and D). It works by simple push button with two positions:

    P, to activate Parking mode,

    B, to activate Brake mode, which enhances energy recovery when the vehicle is braking or decelerating.
    ENHANCED ON-BOARD COMFORT New Citroën ë-Berlingo has two useful everyday functions:

    Deferred charging, to allow the battery to be recharged when electricity is cheapest,

    Pre-set the passenger compartment temperature ahead of departure, to use the air-conditioning or heating when the vehicle is still connected to the mains. Ensuring driving comfort as well as maximising driving range.
      EVEN MORE MODULAR While Citroën Berlingo offers an ultra modular interior, it also has the luxury of a customisable exterior with a wide selection of accessories. From roof bars to increase its transport capacity to the various couplings for towing a trailer, give yourself the most functional vehicle possible.
      A COSY AND BRIGHT INTERIOR Citroën Berlingo has been specially designed to offer all its occupants exceptional comfort and peace of mind. Thanks to its advanced windscreen, its large 360° glass surface and its panoramic roof, which can be concealed with an electric blind, the interior is flooded with light. Inside, soft and warm materials inspired by the world of furniture design and travel reinforce this feeling of comfort and wellbeing. And as the icing on the cake, the acoustics have also been redesigned to offer exceptional soundproofing.
      SPACIOUS REAR SEATS The interior of the Citroën Berlingo simply exudes peace and practicality. In the back, everyone enjoys the same comfort regardless of where they are sitting thanks to the three individual seats that are all the same width. They offer plenty of leg room in both M and XL versions. Furthermore, thanks to the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, the quality of the ride is such that all passengers will enjoy each and every journey.
      THE ART OF STORAGE Citroën Berlingo offers plenty of space and benchmark modularity thanks to its folding seats. Its boot volume reaches 775 litres in M versions and 1,050 litres in XL versions. For the front passenger, the Top Box provides large closed and refrigerated storage in the upper part of the dashboard. The generous Modutop® Roof, the central roof storage console, is fitted with ventilators to improve the rear air conditioning. Several ingenious storage spaces have also been designed to hold your smartphone, cups and other personal items. Emblematic of the leisure activity vehicle, the new multifunction roof includes a 92 litre ceiling box that can be accessed from the rear seats.