Fiat 500 Electric La Prima The New 500 «la Prima» will be built on a completely new platform designed for the decade to come. It will ensure a competitive range,,. fast charging mode and branded Wallbox for easy home charging, all as standard. THE DAWN OF A NEW ERA
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    Exterior The first 500 units in the UK of the new forthcoming 500 «la Prima» will have a dedicated plate engraved with “La Prima 500e – UK – 1 of 500”, celebrating the launch of the new Fiat icon.
    The Legacy of an Icon Dolce vita open-air feeling with the first 4 seat Cabrio electric vehicle styled with the brand new Fiat Monogram roof, a tribute to the brand’s 120 years of history.
    Easy From the First Touch Open your car without emptying your pockets. The redesigned electric door handle with e-latch system will look sleeker and will be simpler to use than ever before. Just keep the keys with you and push the soft button on the inside to unlock the car.
    Shed a Light on Tomorrow The full LED Light signature will give you a clearer perspective on the road with a refreshed but always recognisable 500 look.
      Interiors All details are inspired by natural materials and designed to amplify the spaciousness of the car.
      Iconic Signature A dedicated logo with the 500 classic badge enriches the stylish steering wheel, reshaped to recall the essential style of the two-spoke ’57 Fiat 500.
      Comfortably on the Way of Innovation The leather free seats of the new forthcoming 500 «la Prima» are completely new. Embossed with the Fiat monogram, they are highly adjustable (with a 6-way adjustment), supportive as well as heated.
      Tomorrow’s Fabric The leather free wrapped dashboard will mark a change of tides in terms of interior car design towards a more sustainable future.